Netherlands woman named world’s tallest bodybuilder


An athlete from the Netherlands who stands at 5 feet,11.92 inches has been declared the tallest female bodybuilder in the world by Guinness World Records.

Maria Wattel, 41, said her friend, Olivier Richters, suggested she apply for the Guinness World Record after he was verified as the tallest male bodybuilder in the world by the record-keeping organization.

Wattel said she began bodybuilding at age 19 and started to compete in March 2005. She said competing posed a challenge because organizers had difficulty placing her in categories due to her height.

“I had competitions where I was not judged or judged only through something genetic that I cannot help, like being tall,” she told Guinness.

Wattel said she considers the world record to be “a little crown” on her bodybuilding career.

“To be recognized by Guinness World Records was a big surprise, but it’s a very good surprise. Being tall and female and working as a bodybuilder is immensely hard and tough,” she said.